So you agree with the comments that are saying if Casey doesn’t look a certain way the workout isn’t effective or shouldn’t be done? Aren’t you making the same assumptions as that commenter in the video who wrote “why don’t you have abs?” » 4/25/15 12:23pm Today 12:23pm

I clicked on the article, and wow the comments there are horrific. Weird that they identify as feminists, and yet they are saying some of the same shit as that pick up artist misogynist written about on GT a few posts down. » 4/24/15 1:02pm Yesterday 1:02pm

It’s used in a few Chinese recipes. Most commonly as a soup base I think, with egg drop and chicken broth or other things (crab meat, dried scallop, etc). Sometimes my grandmother would cook it with stirfried chicken and peas over rice as well. I guess because then you don’t have to make a sauce. » 4/23/15 12:44pm Thursday 12:44pm

I’m like this too. I feel like I can only be all the way on or all the way off lately because I’m so busy. It’s hard to just do a few things...inertia / momentum I guess. » 4/23/15 11:22am Thursday 11:22am

I get what he is saying though, in terms of dark eyebrows and lashes. Like, blonde friends who wear one coat of mascara and look SO different, because they suddenly have all this definition. Whereas I of dark hair, eyebrows and lashes wouldn’t look that different doing that. I could look different of course, but you… » 4/20/15 5:21pm Monday 5:21pm

I feel like there are different levels of house guest. Sometimes I have friends who are just casually crashing, and I'm not going to go too much out of my way for them. Like, I'm not going to change my plans to be around for them or deep clean my house. I'm more likely to be like, beer is in the fridge, do whatever… » 4/15/15 4:09pm 4/15/15 4:09pm

It'll be okay! As others have said, you can do it as a payment plan. And moving forward you can look into doing it as quarterlies instead, so that you don't have to do a large sum once a year. I think it sounds like you're doing great. You can do this! You are doing it! » 4/14/15 5:09pm 4/14/15 5:09pm

I can have a little bit of ice cream, but all that dairy and sugar really doesn't really...sit well with me. My boyfriend eats ice cream every day, and I like to take a few bites. I'd rather eat salty fried things. ::shrug emoticon:: » 4/13/15 5:17pm 4/13/15 5:17pm