I'm back at work after a week off for vacation. It is slowwww, so I'm mostly just reading the Internet. Meeting a friend for dinner / a snack after work, and then meeting another friend after that for ballet class. » 8/18/14 3:33pm Monday 3:33pm

I'm away on vacation this week and was really stressed about missing so much training (I was also sick last week), but there's a pilates place across the street so I've been going there every day. I've never really done pilates, but I think I like it! » 8/15/14 10:28am 8/15/14 10:28am

I'd take it, but I would be looking for another job straight away. If you don't think you could do that, then I wouldn't take it. Because I worked in a horrible work place environment for six months and it destroyed my mental health and my stomach lining, because I stopped eating from the stress. Oh and I developedā€¦ » 8/08/14 1:02pm 8/08/14 1:02pm

I stayed at a bed & breakfast where they served a full on dessert course after breakfast. Like eggs followed by chocolate cake or ice cream sundae. I'm not a big breakfast OR dessert person, so my boyfriend got to have double breakfast dessert that weekend. » 8/02/14 12:53pm 8/02/14 12:53pm

It's strange...I don't really remember ever eating breakfast on school days. It would explain why I don't eat breakfast as an adult either. But weekend breakfasts were the BEST! My mom or dad would make things like pork and century egg congee, fried noodles, soup noodles with snow cabbage and ground pork. Congeeā€¦ » 8/01/14 9:35am 8/01/14 9:35am

It looks like they have soba / udon without tempura (the chicken one and the mushroom one look good). I prefer soba over udon in the summer. My favorite is the dipping kind, but they don't seem to have that. » 7/29/14 12:24pm 7/29/14 12:24pm