It's strange...I don't really remember ever eating breakfast on school days. It would explain why I don't eat breakfast as an adult either. But weekend breakfasts were the BEST! My mom or dad would make things like pork and century egg congee, fried noodles, soup noodles with snow cabbage and ground pork. Congee… » 8/01/14 9:35am Yesterday 9:35am

It looks like they have soba / udon without tempura (the chicken one and the mushroom one look good). I prefer soba over udon in the summer. My favorite is the dipping kind, but they don't seem to have that. » 7/29/14 12:24pm Tuesday 12:24pm

I feel like I could eat a lot of mozzarella sticks, but not bad ones. The fact that she could peel off the breading and have the cheese still hold its shape underneath makes me believe that they were bad ones. Good mozzarella sticks do not do that. » 7/18/14 12:21pm 7/18/14 12:21pm

I buy myself a small bag (it's 1 oz I think) of nacho cheese Doritos like once a year. I don't have the self control to buy the big bag and not eat the whole thing. I love that cheese powder!!! Cheetos are also a problem. » 7/17/14 12:55pm 7/17/14 12:55pm

I don't really keep in touch with people, but I don't think that means people aren't my friend / won't be my friend again if the circumstances were right. For example, I hadn't seen or talked to my best friend from high school in ten years. Recently, she moved back to the city and asked me to lunch; we've been… » 7/17/14 12:34pm 7/17/14 12:34pm

I thought I was the poor kid growing up, but I actually wasn't at all. In hindsight, part of why I thought we were poor was because we were Chinese and not white. As a kid, I just assumed certain cultural differences meant we were poor or inferior. Like, because we ate different food and my immigrant grandparents… » 7/12/14 10:59am 7/12/14 10:59am

I left a really good job for what I thought was an amazing opportunity that turned out to actually be the WORST THING EVER. But I found a much better situation afterwards and learned some life lessons or something. It's been two years since I got out of it, and I'm finally no longer traumatized. » 7/11/14 9:54am 7/11/14 9:54am